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Fr. Bill’s Corner

(Jan. 18-19)


                This Monday is the annual holiday in memory of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. His most-known speech, popularly called “I have a Dream” continues to inspire work for racial equality and justice for many oppressed peoples. The March on Washington and other non-violent rallies sparked a movement in our country that still longs for the same ideals.

A March for Life in Washington this Friday Jan. 24 will see people streaming down the same streets. That prayerful and non-violent annual event calls for an end to the extermination of the unborn within protection of an immoral and un-just Supreme Court decision called “Roe vs. Wade”.

                As members of the Body of Christ, what stirs you to “dream” – and what would call you out of the comfort of your home – even on a cold January day? The call of Christ to disciples is to follow Him…and in a very real yet mystical way we are part of a streaming multitude of souls. The Kingdom draws us and our choices to speak out or speak up can be true indicators of the direction toward which we Walk.



                At Thanksgiving time – actually the very day – my latest music CD arrived. I honestly struggle with  how much to mention it in my parishes for I do not ever want parishioners to feel like “customers”. I have not scheduled any concert or kick-off event because this is a collection of songs and prayers about priesthood. One person called it “a retreat in a box”.

                Recently I contracted with a South Buffalo marketing firm to help get my music “out there” in the streaming world. Of course, I pay for this (as well as CD production) with my own funds. NOT parish monies. I don’t “dream” of fame or fortune, but hope to get my songs heard. And I pray each of you find & follow & stream a dream!



Fr. Bill

Fr. Bill has written many songs and CD's that are available for you to enjoy anytime. You can find them all available at the following site: FrBillsings.com.


Fr. Bill has also written a book - “Made to Praise Him: Finding My Song” - which tells Fr. Bill’s life story/priestly vocation/music ministry story.  Sprinkled with Irish wit and stories of inspiration, reflections on his song lyrics and faith life.  


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