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Fr. Bill’s Corner

(Oct. 26-27)




            I try to write my bulletin column on Monday morning. Otherwise, I blink and miss the deadline! This week, I sat reflecting on reasons to be thankful. This small column cannot hold it all, but I’ll summarize…

Thanks to Mary Good and her St. Thomas Rosary and Altar team for the lovely Calendar Lunch at the Irish Center. It was my first – and while I was the only man in the room besides the caterers, I enjoyed it.

            Thanks to Maureen Myers and Ann Smith who co-chaired the “S’Brucing Up the Windows” concert (fundraiser at Our Lady of Bistrica Hall), St. Martin’s staff (Dawn, Tom, Laurie), Ed and Laurie Cudney, Jackie White and many others who worked a lot to carry off this event.

            Thanks to the two parish teams who served last weekend at the Masses, funerals, etc. Thanks to Fr. Judge, Fr. Sam Giangreco and Msgr. Lee for helping cover Masses. Every liturgy calls for sacristans and servers, lectors, ushers and special ministers of the Eucharist, music ministry and…congregations! Someone recently shared that a priest friend of mine thanks his parishioners for showing up. So I thank God…AND you for that.




            Please note the schedule of Masses for our All Saints Holy Day Masses, the All Souls Mass of Remembrance and all the other important upcoming dates. Hopefully you all received the mailing 2 weeks ago. Our Parish Healing Retreat (BOTH SMT & STA) Veteran’s Day weekend is coming soon.

            Instead of being over-whelmed, I’m choosing to be thankful. In looking back, ahead and today.



Fr. Bill

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