STA SMT Youth Update


If you have not received a letter and registration form in the mail please contact Maureen Myers at 512-8176 or asap. 


Anyone interested in becoming part of the Youth Faith Formation team please contact Maureen Myers.

It's time to register for

Faith Formation for Gr. 9 & Confirmation.

Click here if you would like to pay online.

Grade 9

STA SMT 9th grade Registration forms 2021_Page_3.jpg
STA SMT 9th grade Registration forms 2021_Page_2.jpg
STA SMT HIGH SCHOOL GRADE 9  Registration forms 2021_Page_1.jpg


Registration form CONFIRMATION 2021-2022.jpg
STA SMT CONFIRMATION calendar 2021.jpg

Congratulations to our newly Confirmed young adults.

Confirmation 2021.png