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We are always looking for more volunteers in our various ministries:

  • Altar Servers

  • Eucharistic Ministers

  • Lectors

  • Music Ministry

  • Ushers 

  • Hospitality/Greeters

Please email Barbara at: 

or contact her at the parish office at 822-1250.

PLEASE PRAY FOR, VISIT, CALL OR WRITE all the sick and suffering in our linked parishes including:
Jack and Maureen Fecio, Mary Kelly, Will Travis, Caroline Fitzpatrick, Fran McNamara, Aaron
Jablonsky, Dolores Mortellaro, Bill Sanly, Kathy Cuthbert Milligan, Karen Pappas, Mary Clare
Kelleher, Bill Dunford, Peter Ray, David Ray, Rose Courtney, Tim Gallivan, Tim Malley, Jim Kaska, Fr. Tom Quinlivan, Donna Cuddihy, Maria Thor, Lorraine McGlaughlin, Norine Kawczynski, Denise Dunford, Tom Walsh, James Foley, Michael Petmore, Kathy Pauly, Carl Fodor, Karl Fodor, Theresa Smith, Betty Graham, Evelyn Bakowski, Virginia Bolger, Laurie Canestraro, Pat Strobele, Fr. Bill Bigelow, Suzanne Miranda-Howe, Dick Pauly, John Anibaldi, Dottie O’Shei, Lucy Stanton, Diane Hagler, Baby Henry Murphy, Rebecca Hall, Maureen English, Frederick Mount, Rosemary Phillips, Deacon Don Weigel, Baby Charlotte, Jake Mesi, Terry Newcomb, Rachel Wheeler, Joan Hapeman, Sheila Jaskula, Edwin Hassett, Joe Terrell, Grace McNeil, Gregory Jude Andzel, Frank and Catherine Rossi

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